• All students receive a copy of the student handbook on their first day of school at WAMS.  The student handbook is found in the front of their student agenda and has a place on the first page for students to write their name in their agenda.  If the agenda is misplaced throughout the school year, students can purchase another agenda for $5.00.  The following is expected of all students:
     1)  All student become familiar with the student handbook, as it outlines academic and behavioral expectations for all WAMS Millionaires.
     2)  Students carry their student agenda from 7:45  -2:40 every school day (with the exception of lunch) and record all academic assignments for every class.  This is a communication tool between the student, teacher, and parents/guardians.
    The following is requested of all parents/guardians:
    1)  Parents/guardians review the student handbook together during the first week of school.
    2)  Parents/guardians check the agenda every night so they are aware of their students daily assignments.  At a minimum, all students are expected to read for a minimum of 30 minutes each day outside of school time.  Again, the handbook and agenda are a communication tool between the students, teacher, and parents/guardians.