• Williamsport Area School District Attendance Policy


    1.  Upon the return to school following an absence, the student shall bring a written excuse signed by the parent or guardian stating the reason for the absence. 

    2.  If a written excuse is not received by the third day following the return to school, the absence may be considered illegal. 

    3.  Excused absences may include: illness, funeral, medical or dental appointments, court appearances, and unavoidable family emergencies. 

    4.  Funeral absences: local funeral = 1 day excused; out of town funeral = up to 3 days excused; exception includes immediate family member = 5 days excused absence

    5.  Unexcused absences may include:  oversleeping, car issues, missing bus, hunting, shopping.

    6.  Tardy time can accrue and may become an illegal absence. 

    7.  If a student is absent more than 10% of the school year (i.e. – If your child has missed 5 out of 50 days), parents or guardians will be notified by a letter of concern from the principal. 

    8.  If your child is absent 10 or more total days (excused and/or unexcused) and has missed more than 10% of the year, a letter requiring doctor’s notes for all future absences may be sent home. 

    9.  Planned absences may be excused by completing the educational trip form one week PRIOR to the trip.   All educational trips must be approved in advance by the school’s principal.  Approval will be at the discretion of the principal based on attendance and grades. 

    10.  Students with three or more unexcused absences will be referred to the school social worker to develop a School Attendance Improvement plan. 


    Excuse for Absence


    A written excuse, signed by the parent or guardian, is required for all absences.  The written excuse must be presented to a school secretary immediately upon the student’s return to school.  A doctor’s excuse may be required for extended absences or after a student has missed an excessive number of days.  An absence is considered to be illegal after three days without an excuse. 





    Students arriving after the homeroom bell (7:52 AM) are considered to be tardy and must report to the office.  Tardy students need a note from a parent/guardian at the time of arrival at school.  A tardy is considered to be unexcused after three days without an excuse.  Excessive tardy arrival may accumulate and become unexcused days of absence as well as subject to disciplinary consequences.  Parents will be informed of excessive tardiness.


    Educational Field Trip (Planned Family Vacations)


    Forms for excused absences for educational field trips (commonly known as planned family vacations) are available in the office.  These forms needs to be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the trip and approved by the building principal in order for the trip to be considered an excused absence.