• Welcome to Williamsport Area High School
    Home of the Millionaires
    New Student Orientation Program


    With a population of 1,500 students, the Williamsport Area High School provides the most comprehensive offerings in academic support programs, course selections, athletics, fine arts programs and school activities in the region.


    WAHS is continually recognized as one of the top 100 districts in the nation for music education, and is a regional leader in Career & Technical Education, providing multiple programs with industry-recognized credentials verifying student skill attainment.  All new students into the high school school will be provided a half day introduction to our school.  This will help the school to get to know the student before they start and will allow the student to learn all about the offerings of the high school before they begin.  At the time of registration all students will receive this brochure outlining the programs at the the high school.


     Orientation Schedule

  • Parent and Student report to Guidance Office
  • Intro to counselor
  • Curriculum Based Assessments
      • Career Survey
      • Math assessment
      • Reading Assessment
      • Interest survey


    • Meet with counselor for schedule development
    • Lunch/Tour with ambassador
    • Begin Classes

    Graduation Requirements 

     English 4 years Minimum 4 credits 
     Mathematics 4 years  Minimum 4 credits
     Social Studies 3 or 4 years*
    Minimum 3/4 credits 
     Science 3 or 4 years*
    Minimum 3/4 credits 
     Physical Education/Health   1.5 credits
     Arts and Humanities   2 credits 
     Electives   3.5 credits 
    *IF a student takes 4 Social Studies credits, they only need to take 3 Science and vice versa.
    Keystone Proficiency
    Minimum of 23 credits to graduate 

    WAHS Administrative and Support Services

    Brandon Pardoe, Head Principal bpardoe@wasd.org
    Justin Ross, Freshman Academy Principal jross@wasd.org
    Jeffery Robbins, 10th Grade Principal  jrobbins@wasd.org
    Leslie Whitehill, 11th Grade Dean of Students lwhitehi@wasd.org
    Randy Zangara, 12th Grade Principal/CTE Director rzangara@wasd.org
    William Emery, Alt. Ed./WASD VLN Principal wemery@wasd.org
    Susan Hunsinger, Class of 2018 Counselor shunsing@wasd.org
    Mary Kate Skipper, Class of 2017 Counselor mskipper@wasd.org
    Jamie Yonkin, Class of 2016 Counselor jyonkin@wasd.org
    Carole Heckel, Gifted 9-12, ELL, Foreign Exchange Counselor checkel@wasd.org
    Phyllis Sieber, Class of 2019 Counselor psieber@wasd.org
    Jennifer Weaver, Nurse jjweaver@wasd.org
    Attendance Secretary kshultz@wasd.org
    Richard McCusker, Transportation Director rmccuske@wasd.org
    Heather Way, School Social Worker hway@wasd.org
    Keri Nasdeo, School Psychologist knasdeo@wasd.org
    Stephanie Pardoe, VLN Coordinator spardoe@wasd.org