• Dear Parent/Guardian,

    I would like to give you some information about Inclusion,an educational practice that we use at Cochran. Including all students in the regular education classroom as much as possibleand using our resources fully are the focal points for inclusion.  Inclusion is a dynamic partnership betweengeneral education and special education teachers that allows for the sharing ofthe teaching responsibilities for our students. Both teachers are involved ininstructional planning and delivery, student achievement, assessment, anddiscipline. This collaboration allows students to receive age-appropriateacademics, support services, and necessary modified instruction on a consistentbasis.

    Inclusion builds shared co-teaching relationships anddifferentiated instruction opportunities. A shared co-teaching relationship means that all members work as activeteaching partners, primarily dictated by the schedule of when Math and LanguageArts take place.  The learning supportand regular education teachers are all active members of the grade level teamsof which they are a part.  Collaborationby the teams happens during common planning times and Professional LearningCommunity times.

    In summary, establishing Inclusion at Cochran providessuccessful differentiation for our students and positively impacts studentachievement, which is our main goal.

    If you should have any questions pertaining to inclusion,please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you for your continued support.


    Cindy Schuyler