School Wide Positive Behavior


    The Williamsport Area School District Middle School implements school wide positive behavior (SWPB).  The aim of this initiative is to recognize and reinforce the school district’s behavioral expectations for all students.  Student expectations are the 4 B’s:

    ·      Be Present

    ·      Be Respectful

    ·      Be Responsible

    ·      Be Safe


    Cherry and White Awards


    Cherry and White Awards recognize those students who demonstrate consistent effort and those qualities of responsibility that are often overlooked in the well-rounded student.  These students are the foundation of our schools because they demand minimal attention and yet are so rewarding to teachers.  All students are eligible for nomination.  Teachers nominate students monthly and each nominee must receive unanimous approval from the staff.  Among the qualities sought in nominees are promptness, preparation, reliability, courtesy, and consideration.


    School Wide Positive Behavior (SWPB)


    As part of our school wide positive behavior programming we will be running our SWPB reward program.  Students who demonstrate outstanding behavior and citizenship will be given a Be Card (Be Present, Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible) and have their name displayed on the SWPB/Top Hat Pride chart.  Once a predetermined number of students have been displayed on the chart those students will be rewarded with prizes or other fun activities.