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    Grade 5 Social Studies

    Curriculum Resources: Harcourt Social Studies-The United States: Making a New Nation

     Making a New Nation

    Unit 1: The Land and Early People
    Big Idea: People interact with their environment and are affected by it.

    Unit 2: Cultures Meet
    Big Idea: Cultural differences and competition for land led to conflicts among different groups of people in the Americas.

    Unit 3: The Thirteen Colonies
    Big Idea: The 13 English Colonies were founded in different regions of North America and for different reasons.

    Unit 4: The American Revolution
    Big Idea: Freedom was so important to the colonist that they were willing to suffer terrible hardships and years of war to win it.

    Unit 5: A Growing Nation
    Big Idea: The U.S. established a new government and grew larger as more people arrived and lands were acquired.

    Unit 6: Civil War Times
    Big Idea: Social and economic differences divided the nation and led to war. The nation was reunited, but continued to face many challenges.