• Hepburn-Lycoming Primary School Guidance Counselor

    Available Mondays through Fridays by calling (570)494-1112

    Please call to set up a time when we can meet.

    Hello and welcome to Hepburn-Lycoming Primary! 

            As the Guidance Counselor at Hepburn, I am available to provide assistance to the students, parents, and teachers to make everyone's school year a great learning experience. As a guidance counselor I may be in the classroom doing guidance lessons for example working on peer relations, bullying issues, positive social skills, and many others.  I also may lead small groups with the focus on family issues, anger management, or what ever is needed. 


           We at Hepburn have a great group of students, parents, and staff.  Throughout the year there are various activities happening  for me as the guidance counselor.  I have "Lunch Bunch" with grades 1 thru 3...students sign up to eat lunch with me in our conference room on a rotating schedule...this is a great way for me to get to know the students and have fun conversations about school life. I am also a part of the School Wide Positive Behavior Committee and  Character Committee.  I plan on visiting the classrooms as much as possible with various guidance lessons, always with the guidance of the  teachers and needs of our students.

    Thank You for your support of the various activities again this year.
    We had great success with the Toys for Tots Program and the canned food drive.


         Have a great year everyone!  Please feel free to call at the school or email  ( I ask that you put your student's name in as subject to help me),   Thank you and hope to see you.  Mrs. Phillips