Dr. Richard Poole
    Director of Student Services
    570-327-5500 EXT 40310
    The Williamsport Area School District’s Department of Student Services provides a wide array of assistance programs and comprehensive services to students, staff and parents. New pressures on communities, families and schools have resulted in more at-risk students. The Student Services staff works in collaboration with other professionals and community agencies in order to meet numerous needs. Staff members address a myriad of issues including career education/planning, self-esteem, interpersonal relations, absenteeism, peer mediation, school safety and mental and physical health. Student Services are coordinated programs of specialized services to students and families.
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     List of Student Services


    Developmental Services
    • Classroom Guidance
    • Routine Health Service
    • Career Exploration

    Assessment and Intervention Services

    • Testing
    • Referrals to Community Agencies
    • Direct Services-Academic, Social
    • Physical and Emotional Concerns

    Consultation and Coordination Services

    • Indirect Services
    • Teaming of Support Services

    Other Services

    • Child Accounting
    • Student Records and Transcripts
    • Working Papers
    • Home Education
    • Saturday School
    • Alternative School

    School Health

    • School Nurse Practitioners
    • School Nurse
    • Health Room Technicians (LPN’s)
    • Skilled Professional Health Care
    • Primary and Preventive Health Services
    • Comprehensive Health Appraisals
    • Health Counseling
    • Disease Prevention and Control
    • Periodic Screening Tests and Services
    • Child/Family Advocates for Health Care

    Guidance and Counseling

    • Comprehensive, Developmental K-12 Program
    • Trained, Caring and Competent Staff Counseling
    • Individual Guidance Services
    • Elementary Counselors
    • Middle School Counselors
    • High School Counselors
    School Safety Program
    • Comprehensive School Safety Plans
    • Building Crisis Teams
    • Comprehensive/School Safety Advisory Council

    School Psychologists
    (Highly Trained School Psychologists)

    Programs of:

    • Psychological Diagnosis
    • Prescription and Therapy
    • Crisis Intervention/Consultation
    • Collaboration with Community to:
    • Improve Educational Experience
    • Promote Students’ Self-Worth

    School Social Workers

    • Certificated School Social Workers
    • Collaboration with Families
    • Community Resources
    • Efforts to Modify and Improve
    • Attitudes and Behaviors
    • Interpretation of Regulations/Laws
    • School Attendance
    • Child Labor

    Student Assistance Program (C.A.R.E.)

    • 1 Highly Trained Middle School Team
    • 1 Well Trained High School Team
    • Identification of High Risk Students
    • Alcohol/Drug Use
    • Suicide/Mental Health Problems
    • Effective Referral Process (Staff, Peers, Parents and Self-Referrals)
    • Support Groups
    • “After-Care” Programs

    Peer Mediation

    • Active High School Programs
    • Functioning Middle School Programs
    • Operative Elementary School Teams
    • Promotion of Safe School Environment
    • Peers Resolving Student Conflicts
    • Student Teams Highly Trained in:
    • Communication Skills
    • Decision Making Skills
    • Self-Awareness
    • 4-Step Conflict Resolution

    Health Symbol
    Health Services